HOA Newsletter October 05

2005 Annual Meeting – Tuesday Nov. 8th

Please note that the Homeowners Association Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 8th at the Herndon Fortnightly Library (768 Center Street). Homeowner registration will begin at 6:45pm and the meeting will start promptly at 7:00pm. Meetings usually last about one hour, and due to the regulations for the Library Meeting Rooms, the meeting must end no later than 8:45pm.

In order to insure a meeting quorum (in compliance with the Association By-Laws), ALL HOMEOWNERS ARE URGED TO ATTEND THIS MEETING. If you cannot attend, or if there is any question as to your being able to attend, PLEASE submit a Proxy Vote Form (included in the mailing of the Notice for this year’s Annual Meeting – right mouse click here and select "Save Target As" to download a copy) to any Board member listed above. If you have misplaced your Meeting Notice and need another Proxy Vote Form, please call any Board Member for assistance. You may appoint any other homeowner as a proxy to vote on your behalf. Please note that each Proxy Vote Form must be signed, witnessed, and dated by ALL owners of record in order to be valid.

Neighborhood Watch

Can you help in the Watch Program? It does not require a lot of your time, just to be aware of your surroundings and be watchful for any suspicious activity. Call the Town of Herndon Police Department non-emergency number at (703) 435-6846 to report any incidents or unusual activity. Always remember to call 911 in an emergency.

Board Members Needed


We need new Board members. If you are new to our community, please consider getting involved. Board activities generally entail an average commitment of one hour per month, including the quarterly meetings. If you have lived in Herndon Woods for a while but have never served on the Board, please consider doing so now. Please contact a current Board member or the Property Manager (listed above) if you are interested.


2006 Budget

There is not expected to be any increase in the annual budget for 2006, hence no expected increase in homeowners’ dues.

A Special Thank You!

The Board of Directors expresses its thanks to those homeowners who helped prepare for and clean up after the Association’s Annual Block Party in observance of the 2005 National Night Out. Thanks also to all — children and adults — who came out and participated. This event is designed to help all residents learn how they can fight crime and stand up for our rights to be safe and secure in our own homes and communities.

Trash Disposal


As a reminder, trash containers should not be placed for pickup before 7:00pm of the evening prior to pickup. All empty trashcans are to be taken in (out of public sight) within 24 hours of trash pickup. Homeowners are required to secure their trash properly (both regular and recycling trash). If you see loose trash lying around our neighborhood, please pick it up even if it does not belong to you. This will help to keep our HOA dues low.


Preparing Yard Waste For Trash Day

Brush, branches and tree limbs must be cut in lengths of four (4) feet or less and then tied in bundles. Grass clippings, shrub clippings, weeds, and leaves must be placed in 30-gallon recyclable bags. These bags are available in area grocery and home improvement stores.

Winterize Your Outside Water Spigots

When the temperature dips below freezing, water in exposed pipes can freeze and burst the pipes, resulting in significant costs to you.


Here are the relatively simple instructions that you can follow in order to winterize the outdoor water spigots properly. First turn off the inside water valves to both the front and rear outdoor water spigots (the inside shut-off valves should be in your laundry area). Then go outside and fully open both water spigots and slide the black rubber collars upward to expose the vent holes just above the pipe threads. Go back inside and unscrew the small brass bleeder caps located next to both inside shut off valves. You will hear a noticeable water bubbling sound as the water drains outside.


Once the water has completely drained, re-tighten the bleeder caps. When spring arrives, simply go outside and close the valves on the outside water spigots. To ensure a good seal, rub a small amount of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on the black rubber O-rings and then push down the black rubber collars, which will seal the vent holes. Finally go back inside, make sure the bleeder caps are securely tightened, and open the water shut off valves. Check for any water leaks. That is all there is to it – a simple 5-minute effort can save you thousands of dollars in damage from burst water pipes.



A Warm Welcome To Our New Neighbors


Kiran K. Parvataneni and Gigi George -

723 Herndon Woods Court

● Christina Cromley -

510 Herndon Woods Court

● Salman M. Sajid and Alia Ahmad -

515 Herndon Woods Court

● Adam C. Hartz and Christine L. Miller -

713 Herndon Woods Court