HOA Newsletter March 05



Member Dues


Please remember that 2005 Homeowners Association assessments are due on April 1, 2005. Please contact TSG Management if you did not receive your coupon books in December. No advance reminder notices are sent out, so please be mindful of the due date. Payments not received by April 10 will be considered delinquent, and late fees will be assessed to your account.



Reporting Complaints


Neighbors working together to resolve concerns is ideal, but not always possible.  If you observe a code violation in our community, please contact a HW Board Member.  A visit or letter from the Board often is enough to rectify the situation.  You may also contact the Town of Herndon to assist in a successful resolution. 


Who To Contact:


Community Development – 703-787-7380

To request information or report possible violations related to excessive occupancy, inoperable vehicles, parking on unpaved surfaces, fencing, and signs.


Herndon Police – 703-435-6846

To report noise complaints, on-street parking violations, graffiti, theft, domestic violence, public intoxication, and any immediate health and safety concerns.


Department of Public Works – 703-435-6853

For information about trash collection and recycling, street repair and maintenance, park maintenance concerns and utilities.


Building Official’s Office – 703-435-6850

This office conducts inspections and issues building permits.  Additionally, you may report concerns related to exterior and interior property maintenance, tall grass, trash and debris accumulation, and decks.


Please remember that the Herndon Woods community maintains guidelines on exterior additions to properties.  Proposed additions or alterations to properties in our community must be approved by the Board, whether or not they require a Town of Herndon building permit.  Please refer to your HOA handbook or call any Board Member for additional details.


Herndon Woods bylaws also require residents to maintain lawns, trim shrubs and prevent weeds during the growing season.  Grass length should be kept between 2 and 6 inches.



Residential Occupancy Regulations


The Town of Herndon continues to receive complaints about excessive occupancy in our community.  Over-occupancy of dwelling units creates health and safety dangers to home occupants and their neighbors.  The Town has established regulations limiting occupants in a residence to ensure a good living environment in residential neighborhoods and reduce vehicle congestion, foot traffic and noise. 


The Town limits the number of adult occupants in a house based upon size of the entire dwelling unit.  Most of the properties in the Herndon Woods community are limited to between 4 and 6 adult occupants.  If you are unsure how occupancy standards apply to your home or suspect a possible occupancy violation, please contact a Board Member.



Yard of the Month Competition


The Town of Herndon will sponsor a Yard of the Month Competition to recognize the green thumbs in our community.  Residents can nominate their own yard or a neighbor’s yard, but the yard must be within the Town of Herndon.  Nomination forms can be found on the Town’s website (www.herndon-va.gov) or requested by calling 703-435-6800 ext. 2010.  The Town will select winners in May, June, July and October, and winners will receive a $100 gift certificate to Meadows Farms and recognition by the Town Council.  A single family home and a town home will be awarded each month.  As planting season approaches, consider nominating yourself or a neighbor for this prestigious award.



Spring Clean-Up


Remember that Spring Clean-Up for the Herndon Woods community will occur during the week of April 11.  Please ensure that materials are clearly visible from the road and placed at curbside by 7:00 a.m. of your regular pick up day.  Materials placed for pick up at other times will not be collected. 


A limited amount of building materials (approximately one cubic yard, lengths not exceeding four feet) including plumbing fixtures; automobile parts, weighing under 50 pounds (including tires); furniture, appliances and bulky items will be collected during this period.  Brush must be cut in four foot sections weighing no more than fifty (50) pounds and tied in bundles in order to be collected.  Yard waste is not collected as part of Spring Clean-up.  Please place yard waste in Kraft paper bags at curbside on your scheduled refuse day. 


Unacceptable items can be taken to the I-66 Transfer Station at 4618 West Ox Road in Fairfax or to the Lorton Landfill at 9850 Furnace Road in Lorton.



Helpful Springtime Tips


Remove tree sap from your hands by rubbing them with butter or margarine. Wipe off with a cloth after a few minutes.


Apply salt water to kill Poison Ivy.  Never burn Poison Ivy because the fumes release into the air and can burn your eyes and skin.


An inexpensive way to prevent grass and weeds from growing in your flower beds is to overlap sheets of newspaper about 1/4" thick on top of the beds before mulching.  Wet the newspapers with water to hold them down. 


Cover drain holes in flowerpots with old dryer sheets to prevent dirt from coming out of holes.


Apply vinegar or salt water to kill grass or weeds between the sidewalk and driveway.  Be careful to keep the vinegar or salt water away from the areas where you want to keep the plants alive.


Before planting a tree, consider lining the hole with potatoes.  The potatoes hold moisture and will provide wonderful nutrients as they decay.


Save coffee grounds and eggshells to fertilize plants.  Even water from hard-boiled eggs is full of nutrients and perfect for watering plants.


Do not water grass after sunset. Grass retains moisture and can breed mold and fungus.



Upcoming Events


April:  The first semi-annual Herndon Woods community yard sale will take place on Saturday, April 16 from 8am-11am.  This is a great chance to get rid of your unwanted and used items!  See details in the attached flyer.


May:  The Herndon Woods Board will sponsor a block party in May as part of the Town of Herndon’s Neighborhood Celebration Campaign.  The month-long campaign is designed to encourage neighborhoods to organize events that will promote community spirit.  Details about the May block party will follow in a subsequent newsletter.





The Herndon Woods Board welcomes your ideas for a fun and productive community event in 2005.  Please contact Secretary Lori VanNewkirk at (703) 467-8453 or lorivannewkirk@yahoo.com



The next Board Meeting is scheduled for May 10th at the Herndon Library.