HOA Newsletter March 04


We are pleased to announce the newly appointed Board of Directors for 2004.

New Management Company

Herndon Woods now has a new management company. The address and property manager information are as follows:

TSG Constructions Inc.

P.O. Box 994

McLean, VA 22101

Tel: (703) 356-1000

Property Manager - Jack Schwab

Please remember that 2004 Homeowners Association assessments are due by April 1, July 1, and October 1, 2004. The management company mailed coupon books in December 2003. There will be no advance notices sent out, so it is important that you note the upcoming due dates. If payments are not received within 10 days of the due date, the account will be considered delinquent and late fees assessed.

Home Improvements

Please note that all exterior alterations to your property require the approval of the Board and must conform to the Town of Herndon Building Code, as stated in the Homeowners Association Handbook. TSG will be doing periodic inspections.

Scoop the Poop

There have been many complaints from residents who have reported having a problem with pet waste in their yards. Has this occurred on your property? These complaints appear to have increased significantly since the rental townhouses across Nash Street (Lions Gate) opened up. This problem is not only a health hazard, but also a violation of the laws both in the Town of Herndon and the County of Fairfax. First you should try to politely inform the offender of the law. If the polite method does not work, then you should call the Town of Herndon Police Department’s non-emergency telephone number at (703) 435-6846.

It is a Class 4 misdemeanor (up to $250 fine) to leave pet waste on public property or someone else’s private property.

Alternatively, residents could call Animal Control (703-830-3310) to report dog owners who habitually fail to clean up after their pet(s).


We are experiencing increased instances of unauthorized vehicles (whose owners are not residents, nor guests of residents, of Herndon Woods) parked in the private common parking lot. This is a violation of the Homeowners Association laws. TSG has contracted with a towing company to tow any cars that are illegally parked in our neighborhood.


There have been reports of overcrowding problems in Herndon Woods. The Town of Herndon has regulated and restricted the number of people who can occupy a residence. The zoning ordinance defines a family as a group of persons related by blood or marriage, plus no more than three additional unrelated persons. Please contact the Department of Community Development at (703) 787-7380 to report overcrowding.

Snow Removal From Sidewalks

Even though the recent weather makes it hard to think about snow or snow removal, please be advised that it is the responsibility of the individual homeowner to remove the snow from the sidewalk adjacent to their property. At the last annual meeting, homeowners voted to have only the Nash St. sidewalk shoveled by a contractor.


Someone recently placed 20 bags of trash out in the common area at one end of Herndon Woods Ct., with the hope, no doubt, that they would be picked up with the weekly garbage collection. They were not picked up, however, due to the rule that requires trash to be in approved trashcans, securely covered, and placed outside a respective unit. The bags sat in our common area for more than a month, despite Board Members’ attempts to identify the responsible party. Finally, our management company arranged to have the bags hauled away for $50. To the offender: We would appreciate reimbursement of the $50. To fellow Herndon Woods residents: Please be on the lookout for similar violations and report such activities immediately to a board member. Continued violations will impact homeowners’ fees.

As a reminder, trash containers should not be placed for pickup before 7:00pm of the evening prior to pickup. All empty trashcans are to be taken in (out of public sight) within 24 hours of pickup.

March 04