HOA Newsletter June 06





The Board of Directors has received several complaints from residents that people are cutting through their property either on foot, bike, or scooter. Please stick to the established sidewalks and/or paths. Parents, please instruct your children to respect the property of others.


Herndon Woods HOA has paid to have thorn bushes planted in the gaps between our townhouse clusters and Waterford Park townhouses behind us, and yet children have repeatedly trampled the bushes and the temporary fences erected there. Again, we ask that parents explain the purpose of the bushes to your children and insist that they use the paths at either end of our development to get to Waterford Park or Bruin Park. If you see anyone who does not belong to our community, please inform them to use the designated pathways.





Have your trashcans disappeared? The wind may have been the culprit, sending your container down to the path between the townhouses and the single-family homes. At least one container is still in the woods area on the approach to Bruin Park.


As a reminder, trash containers should not be placed for pickup prior to 7:00pm on the evening prior to trash collection, and must be removed within 24 hours. At all other times trash containers are to be kept as inconspicuously as possible in your backyard or garage.



2006 Budget


There was not any increase in the annual budget for 2006, hence no increase in homeowners’ dues.



Preparing Yard Waste For Trash Day


Brush, branches, and tree limbs must be cut in lengths of four (4) feet or less and then tied in bundles. Grass clippings, shrub clippings, weeds, and leaves must be placed in 30-gallon recyclable bags. These bags are available in area grocery and home improvement stores



Pet Waste


Despite numerous signs in the area that warn of fines if owners do not pickup after their dogs, not to mention several conveniently located stations designed to assist owners with this responsibility by offering plastic bags and waste receptacles, it is still annoyingly clear that not all owners are following the law. If you witness this law-breaking activity, please politely, but firmly, request that the owner pick up after his/her dog. If you are a dog owner, please respect your neighbors’ property and the law by always picking up your dog’s waste. Thank you!



Board Members Needed


We need new Board members. If you are new to our community, please consider getting involved. Board activities generally entail an average commitment of one hour per month, including the quarterly meetings. If you have lived in Herndon Woods for a while but have never served on the Board, please consider doing so now. Please contact a current Board member or the Property Manager (listed above) if you are interested.

Home Improvements

It is the time of year when many homeowners will be considering home improvements, including exterior painting. Please refer to “HOA Documents” link at the www.herndonwoods.org website for a list of exterior paint colors.



National Night Out


Mark your calendars for August 1, 2006 for the Herndon Woods Annual National Night Out. A potluck dinner and a moon bounce are being planned along with other entertainment activities. Come and meet your neighbors, and support our community during this fun-filled evening event.