HOA Newsletter July 07



Board Members Needed


Christine Hartz (Secretary) has resigned from the Board as she is leaving the area - we wish her all the best. We welcome Siby Mathew to the Board as Secretary. We still have an open position, so please consider becoming a Board member. Contact the Management Company or one of the existing Board members if you are interested.



Townhouse Mailbox


Recently one of the townhouse mailboxes was broken. The Post Office repaired the broken mount for the mailbox on Nash Street at no cost to the community. Homeowners are reminded to caution their children not to sit on top of these mailboxes, as it could result in injury.



Pet Waste


Despite numerous signs in the area that warn of fines if owners do not pickup after their dogs, not to mention several conveniently located stations designed to assist owners with this responsibility by offering plastic bags and waste receptacles, it is still annoyingly clear that not all owners are following the law. If you witness this law-breaking activity, please politely, but firmly, request that the owner pick up after his/her dog. If you are a dog owner, please respect your neighbors’ property and the law by always picking up your dog’s waste. If the polite method does not work, then you should call the Town of Herndon Police Department’s non-emergency telephone number at (703) 435-6846. Thank you!



Home Improvements


If you are considering any exterior painting, remember that only the original Association approved colors are to be used on the exteriors of each residence. All original color formulas are available and can be purchased locally at the Herndon Duron Paint Store at 495 Elden Street. If you are repainting the iron front stair railing, “oil-based” paint is highly recommended. Water based paint will cause rust spots to quickly appear! For all other areas of your home, water-based paint is the best and easiest to clean up. A list of colors is available at the website at http://herndonwoods.org/documents/Town-Home-Identical-Colors.html



Townhouse Repainting


Jack Schwab (our management company’s representative) has secured a bid for repainting of the townhouses’ trim, windows, and doors. The cost is $1,500 per house. If five or more homeowners are interested in this service, the vendor will drop the cost to $1,350 per house. Please contact Jack if you are interested.



Register on-line to Receive Important Police Updates


Simply go to the Town of Herndon Web Site, and look under the “What’s New” section at http://www.herndon-va.gov — there you can sign up for “Silent Partner”, a public safety community broadcast system. You will receive important information from the Town of Herndon Police Department on public safety issues, traffic problems, emergencies, warnings, missing and wanted persons, emergency road closures, press releases, and other local emergencies or natural disasters.  This very vital information can be received by Email, text pager, or cell phone Email. Sign up today and be prepared!



HOA Dues


There has been a significant increase in delinquencies with regard to HOA dues. Homeowners are reminded that if payment is not received at the beginning of every quarter, the Association will have no choice but to take legal action. Homeowners will incur any legal fees as part of the collection process. You can send your email address to jack@tsgconstructions.com (mention that you live in Herndon Woods) to get quarterly reminders to send in your payments, or alternatively, you can pay the entire four quarters at the beginning of the year.



Yard Maintenance


Remember to keep your yard properly maintained especially during the busy summer season. We have seen increased neglect in yard maintenance. Please do your part to keep our neighborhood aesthetically pleasing.



Dead Trees


If any homeowners have received notices to remove dead trees from their property, and have not already done so, please remove them as they can be hazardous especially during a storm.



2007 Budget


There was a small increase in the annual budget for 2007. The single-family quarterly dues went from $107 to $118, and the townhouses from $126 to $139.





Due to the fact that we live in a wooded area, some homeowners have been experiencing a problem with termites. Please contact a termite company and have your property and yard checked for any termite infestation. Individual home inspections are usually free.