HOA Newsletter July 05


Board Members Needed


Two members of Herndon Woods HOA Board of Directors have recently moved or are in the process of moving from Herndon Woods. We urgently need additional Board members. If you are new to our community, please consider getting involved. Board activities generally entail an average commitment of one hour per month, including the quarterly meetings. On the other hand, if you’ve lived in Herndon Woods for a while, but have never served on the Board, please consider doing so now. Please contact a current Board member or the Property Manager (see above listing for names and phone numbers) if you are interested. We welcome John and Jody Farmer (503 Fairfax Lane) to our community.  John has also agreed to become a board member – Thanks John!



Aid for Tsunami Victims


You may have read recent newspaper articles about our very own Property Manager, Jack Schwab, who together with another volunteer founded a non-profit organization to “do something meaningful and tangible for the Sri Lankan victims of the December 26 tsunami.” The two founders, along with four other like-minded volunteers, traveled to Sri Lanka in January at their own expense and provided relief to those affected by the tsunami. Please visit their website http://www.srilankanhelp.org to learn how you, too, can help with important, ongoing projects.



Coming Events


The 2005 quarterly Herndon Woods HOA meetings are scheduled as follows and will be held at the Herndon Library at 7:00pm.:

August 9th

October 11th

November 8th (Annual Meeting)





Thanks to the skill and efforts of our Board of Director President Abdul Manraj, our Herndon Woods website is both impressive and helpful. Find the complete Bylaws and Handbook under HOA Documents, along with past newsletters and meeting minutes. Visit the site often for updates regarding HOA meetings or other items of interest to our community -- http://www.herndonwoods.org. Thanks, Abdul!



HOA Member Dues


Please remember that 2005 Homeowners Association assessments are due by January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1, 2005. The Management Company mailed coupon books in December 2004 to each homeowner. No advance reminder notices are sent out, so it is important that you note the quarterly due dates. If payments are not received within 10 days of the due date, the account is considered delinquent and late fees are assessed.



Trash Disposal


As a reminder, trash containers should not be placed for pickup before 7:00pm of the evening prior to pickup. All empty trashcans are to be taken in (out of public sight) within 24 hours of trash pickup. Homeowners are required to secure their trash properly (both regular and recycling trash). We still have incidents where trash gets blown around the neighborhood in windy conditions. When that happens, please show your neighbors some courtesy by picking up your trash from their lawns.


HOA Bylaws Reminders


Recently, there has been an increase of incidents where residents have not been adhering to our community's bylaws. Our bylaws exist, in part, to ensure a well maintained community, which benefits us in so many ways: increased property values, decreased crime rates (studies show that communities that appear well cared-for attract less crime), and a general feeling of pride in our community. In particular it has been noted that:


1.     Grass cutting / yard maintenance: Some homeowners allow their grass to grow too long and their yards are looking unkempt.

2.     Boat and trailer parking: According to the HOA rules, no recreational vehicles including (but not limited to) motor-homes, boats, travel or camping trailers, etc. shall be kept on any lot or in the common / parking areas.

3.     All external modifications to property must be approved by the Board. Homeowners are required to submit applications for property improvements that have been done without Board approval. The application form, HOA Handbook, and Bylaws, can be found at http://www.herndonwoods.org


Please note that after homeowners have been warned but take no action, the Board reserves the right (according to the Bylaws) to have the work done and bill the homeowners for all expenses incurred for such work. When making modifications to property, homeowners will be penalized accordingly if they continuously ignore warnings to submit applications for external home improvements.





The Herndon Woods Board is seeking new ideas regarding social events or fundraisers. If you have an idea for a fun and productive community event, please contact Secretary Lori VanNewkirk at (703) 467-8453 or lorivannewkirk@yahoo.com