HOA Newsletter August 09

Community Aesthetics

The Herndon Woods community is beginning to show distinct signs of neglect by homeowners. Many of the lawns are overrun by weeds, not only on the grassy areas but also on plant beds and under trees. A lot of the homes are in need of exterior paint on the trims and garage doors.

In the past, the Homeowners Association (HOA) has been lenient with homeowners in maintaining the aesthetics of our neighborhood. The Management Company will be doing a walkthrough in the coming weeks and if needed, will be issuing citation letters to homeowners for any infractions or maintenance issues as stated in the Homeowners Association Handbook. Both the Handbook and By-Laws are available online at http://herndonwoods.org.

Remember that any maintenance done by homeowners will deflect costs and ultimately keep HOA fees low. If the Management Company has to hire a contractor to do maintenance work after repeated notifications, it will be costlier as any incurred costs will be billed to the affected homeowners, and could ultimately affect HOA dues.

Property ownership includes the responsibility for maintaining all structures and grounds which are a part of the property. This includes (but is not limited to) items such as mowing the lawn, trash removal, and structural maintenance, which affects the visual character of the neighborhood and economic value of the property, and in some cases, safety.

Let us enhance our neighborhood by doing simple things to improve the appearance of our development. Please take a few moments to assess your yard and home; here are some suggestions:

- treat or remove weeds and grass from landscaped areas

- treat or remove weeds from grassy areas

- eradicate grass and weeds growing on the sidewalk and driveway of your property

- paint exterior areas that are worn away

- wash siding that shows sign of mold and dirt

A few topical excerpts from the Handbook are:

No. 27 – It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that their lot is mowed and all gardens must be neatly maintained throughout the growing season; this includes removal of all unused stakes, trellises, and dead growth.”


No. 23 “Containers shall not be placed for pickup prior to 7:00 pm on the evening prior to pickup and must be removed within 24 hours.  At all other times trash containers are to be kept in rear yard or garage, and as inconspicuous as possible.”


From the VIII General Maintenance Guidelines


“Turf areas need to be mowed at regular intervals, maintaining a maximum height of 6 inches and a minimum height of 2 inches. Planted beds must be kept in a neat and orderly manner.”


Home Improvements


If you are considering any exterior painting, remember that only the original Association approved colors are to be used on the exteriors of each residence. All original color formulas are available and can be purchased locally at the Herndon Duron Paint Store at 495 Elden Street. If you are repainting the iron front stair railing, “oil-based” paint is highly recommended. Water based paint will cause rust spots to quickly appear! For all other areas of your home, water-based paint is the best and easiest to clean up. A list of colors is available at the HOA website at



Controlling Animals / Pets

Fairfax County Ordinance requires that all dogs be restrained on a leash. It is the responsibility of the pet owners to remove the fecal matter of the defecating pet. It does not matter if it is on common property of the Homeowners Association or the private property of another resident. All pets (dogs and cats) must have a current vaccination and license status in Fairfax County. Violators can be fined by the County.

By law, animals are not allowed to trespass on, destroy, or damage another person’s property. Please be considerate of your neighbors boundaries and do not allow your animals to run loose (this includes dogs and cats). There have been reports to the HOA Board and Management Company of dogs and cats defecating in their neighbors’ gardens and lawns. Cats also kill birds near feeders, and walk on neighbors’ cars and leave scratch marks on vehicles and deck furniture.


New Single Stream Recycling / Going Green


In keeping with the current trend, the Town of Herndon has adopted Single Stream Recycling. Please recycle as much as possible and help us save the environment.


In an effort to encourage participation in the Town's mandatory recycling program and to assist our residents, the Department of Public Works provides "Single Stream" Recycling at curbside pick-up. ALL recyclable items may be co-mingled in one or more containers. You may continue to use the town recycling bins, or use your own containers. Containers should be clean and clearly labeled "Recycle". Toters may be used with a maximum size of 65 gallons and a maximum weight of 50 lbs.


On windy days, many of your recycling items are strewn about the neighborhood due to high winds. Instead of the town-provided recycling bin that is uncovered, consider using a large trash can that is marked for recycling that also includes a lid to prevent recycled items from getting wind-blown around the neighborhood.

Acceptable Items


For more information, visit: http://www.herndon-va.gov/Content/Town_Services/Refuse_and_Recycling/default.aspx


HOA Dues


There has been a significant increase in delinquencies with regard to HOA dues. Homeowners are reminded that if payment is not received at the beginning of every quarter, the Association will have no choice but to take legal action. Homeowners will incur any legal fees as part of the collection process. You can send your email address to jack@tsgconstructions.com (mention that you live in Herndon Woods) to get quarterly reminders to send in your payments, or alternatively, you can pay the entire four quarters at the beginning of the year.


HOA Website

You can find the HOA meeting minutes / schedule as well as a lot of pertinent HOA documentation and other information at the HOA website: http://herndonwoods.org.