Herndon Woods Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2015


Members present: Abdul Manraj (President) John Farmer (Treasurer), Tara Reddy, (Secretary), Dave Nolan (Member At Large)

Management Company Representative present: Jack Schwab

Number of homeowners represented: 11


Call to Order

The meeting was held at the Herndon Fortnightly Library and called to order at 7:46pm.


Roll Call (Determination of a Quorum)

Article II, Section 2.7 of the Bylaws of the Herndon Woods Homeowners Association (HOA) refers to “The presence in person or by proxy of a Quorum of Owners…” Article I, Section 14 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of the Herndon Woods HOA contains the definition of “quorum” which is 25% or 11 homeowners present. 11 homeowners were represented (1 resident present, 4 board members present, 5 proxies, and 1 resident on the phone), so a quorum was established.


Proof of Notice of the Meeting

A notice of the meeting and proxy form were mailed to all homeowners on record. Homeowners present at the meeting acknowledged that they received the notice.


Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

Jack Schwab distributed copies of the previous annual meeting minutes. All homeowners present read the minutes and they were unanimously approved.


President’s Report

Abdul Manraj, President stated that for majority of the year, the community has had minimal concerns or complaints. Abdul mentioned that some dead trees were removed in the common areas, a new “Herndon Woods” bench was installed in the common area, and throughout the year, there have been various home improvement projects completed by several residents. Some of these projects included installing a new deck, fence, roof, storm doors, and lawn and tree maintenance to name a few. One outstanding item is the fallen tree behind 501 Fairfax Lane. Abdul had contacted the town arborist about removing the fallen tree behind 501 Fairfax Lane. As of June 11, 2015, the town arborist reported that the tree “should” be removed soon, however, as of September 9, 2015, the town arborist apologized that the tree had not been removed and suggested that Abdul contact the Fairfax County Park Authority and mention that the town arborist recommended we call them. Abdul did reach out to the Fairfax County Park Authority but still to date has received no response. Abdul will continue to try to seek a response.


Treasurer’s Report

John Farmer, Treasurer stated that 83% of the year is complete while 80% of the annual budget has been spent. It was noted that the HOA fees were increased last year and they will remain the same this year with no increase.



Single Family Homes






There was a vote to approve the FY 2016 budget. All were in favor and the budget was approved.


Review of Reserve Fund Schedule

There was discussion that there is some rotting of the actual HOA sign in the common area with an estimated 3 years remaining on the life of the sign. It is at this point that the sign itself would need to be replaced at an estimated cost of $5,000. Concrete gutters and walk and asphalt paving have an estimated 13 years remaining on each of them and would cost approximately $30K to redo in the future.


Disposition of Excess Funds

The homeowners present agreed that any leftover dollars from the 2015 budget should be allocated to the 2016 operating budget.


Open Forum

Several topics were mentioned during the open forum:


1.    Dave Nolan’s Member At Large position will be expiring 12/2015. Dave agreed to serve this position again from 12/2015 – 12/2018. All present approved this. Currently, there is one vacant board position open for another Member At Large. There were no residents interested at this time in filling this position. The Vice-President position is also open but this can be filled by any existing Board Member.


2.    At the last HOA meeting on 9/10/15, there was a suggestion of possibly adding a picnic table to the common area. Management agreed to work on getting quotes, however, if it were decided that we would proceed with getting the table, it would not be implemented till at least Spring 2016. At tonight’s annual meeting though, several concerns were raised regarding whether we want to install the table and possibly encourage loitering. It was agreed that this action item would be deferred until the Board was able to get more feedback from additional residents.


3.    One resident thanked the Board and Management Co. for following up on last year’s action item regarding the Bradford Pear trees in the front yards of several townhomes. It was noted that the Bradford Pear trees and the small wood berry-like fruit and flowers that fall from them can make cleanup a challenge. Removal / maintenance of the trees still remains a property to property issue where the responsibility would fall upon the owners. One resident at tonight’s meeting expressed concern regarding the size of one of their neighbor’s tree that is currently overhanging onto their property. Jack Schwab will send a reminder notice again to those residents with Bradford Pear trees in their front yards reminding them that the responsibility of tree maintenance / removal would fall upon the owner.


4.    Through discussion, it was agreed that future notices will be sent both electronically by email (to those residents that have provided an email address) and by postal mail. For email blasts, emails will sent by blind carbon copy (Bcc) for confidentiality purposes.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:22pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Tara Reddy



Action Item

Assigned To


Contact Fairfax County Park Authority regarding the removal of a fallen tree behind 501 Fairfax Lane.

Abdul Manraj

By next HOA meeting

Draft and send a reminder to those residents with Bradford Pear trees in front yard reminding them to trim, maintain, and / or remove tree(s).

Jack Schwab

By next HOA meeting

Make decision on and obtain quotes for a possible picnic table in common area.

DEFERRED until more feedback is received from residents