Herndon Woods Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


September 30, 2014


Members present: Abdul Manraj, Dave Nolan, and Tara Reddy.

Management Company Representative present: Bob Smith


Call to Order


The meeting was held at the Herndon Fortnightly Library and called to order at 7:08pm.


Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting


The minutes from the June 3, 2014 meeting were unanimously approved.


Current Management Issues


1.    There were community members present to discuss an issue related to yard maintenance and the property line between 505 and 507 HWC. 505 HWC had initially submitted an application to add pebbles along the driveway adjacent to the property line of 507 HWC. 507 HWC discussed this with 505 HWC and notified the Management Company that the issue was resolved and that 505 HWC had agreed that sod would be added instead of pebbles. 505 HWC also had a conversation with the Management Company about this but then installed pavers along the driveway without Board approval.

By common consent and due to the way that the townhouse property lines are marked, neighbors typically maintain a thin strip of the neighboring property for as long as the community has existed, never before has this been a contentious issue. The Management Company escalated this issue with our lawyers for guidance. The attorney advised that it is a neighbor to neighbor issue and not a Board or Management Company issue. The Board and Management Company agreed that going forward, the common consent of maintaining property lines will continue as it has in the past, and if neighbors cannot agree on the aesthetics of the property, then it becomes a matter of staying within property lines.

2.    The Board agreed to retroactively approve 505 HWCs application for the pavers that were already added along the driveway, as well as approve 507 HWCs submitted application to also add pavers along her driveway to match for aesthetic purposes. Abdul will draft some common consent language about the property line in question for the attorney review and this will be added to the HOA Handbook if the attorney approves of the language.

3.    Tara agreed that she will be Secretary going forward. Bob will send notification via mail to all homeowners about the annual HOA meeting.


Current Maintenance Issues


1.    There are brown circles where the trees were removed from the common area. Bob checked with Blade Runners and got a quote for seeding the areas with the brown circles. The Board approved $900 to be expended for this work.

2.    Bob will get a quote for adding a bench in the common area. He will also draft a letter for all homeowners related to overall home and yard maintenance, including trees, shrubs, weeds, removing grime from concrete and brick areas, patching visible cracks, etc.

3.    Bob notified 701 HWC of junk lying around the property and also excessive noise during late hours. 701 has rectified the majority of the debris and there have been no further issues of noise complaints at this time.

4.    Abdul contacted the town arborist about the fallen tree behind 501 Fairfax Lane to determine whose responsibility it is to remove it. Neither the town nor owner has claimed ownership of this tree; it seems to be in no mans land. The arborist said that he would follow up with the town to determine what could be done but there has been no further update on this since that time.


Financial Update


1.    With 67% of the year completed, 55% of the budget has been spent. There is a combined $30K in reserves, which includes about $15.5K in a CD.


Next Meeting


The next meeting will be the annual one at the Herndon Fortnightly Library on November 10, 2014 at 7:00pm.




The meeting was adjourned at 8:46pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Abdul Manraj and Tara Reddy

President and Secretary



Action Item

Assigned To


Send notice to all homeowners about the annual HOA meeting.

Bob Smith


Check with Blade Runners regarding the cost of installing a bench in the common area.

Bob Smith


Draft a letter for all homeowners related to overall home and yard maintenance, including trees, shrubs, weeds, removing grime from concrete and brick areas, patching visible cracks, etc.

Bob Smith


Draft some common consent language for attorney review to be added to the HOA Handbook pending approval.

Abdul Manraj