Herndon Woods Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


September 10, 2015


Members present: Abdul Manraj, John Farmer, Dave Nolan, and Tara Reddy

Management Company Representative present: Jack Schwab


Call to Order


The meeting was held at the Herndon Fortnightly Library and called to order at 7:06pm.


Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting


The minutes from the June 9, 2015 meeting were unanimously approved.


Current Management Issues


At this time, there are no current management issues.



Current Maintenance Issues


1.      Abdul has and continued to contact the town arborist about removing the fallen tree behind 501 Fairfax Lane. As of June 11, 2015, the town arborist reported that the tree “should” be removed soon, however, as of September 9, 2015, the town arborist apologized that the tree had not been removed and suggested that Abdul contact the Fairfax County Park Authority and mention that the town arborist recommended we call them. Abdul will reach out to the Fairfax County Park Authority as the next step.

2.      An Austrian Pine tree in the common area needs to be removed as it is dead. The board agreed to have the tree and stomp removed, the removal will cost $600.

3.      There was a suggestion of possibly adding a picnic table to the common area. Management will work on getting quotes, however, if it were decided that we would proceed with getting the table, it would not be implemented till at least Spring 2016.


Financial Update


1.      Currently, there are no financial issues.


Next Meeting


The next meeting will be the annual meeting at the Herndon Fortnightly Library in November, exact date and time TBD.





The meeting was adjourned at 7:33pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Tara Reddy




Action Item

Assigned To


Send notice to all homeowners about the Annual HOA Meeting

Jack Schwab


Obtain quotes for a possible picnic table in common area

Jack Schwab


Contact Fairfax County Park Authority regarding the removal of a fallen tree behind 501 Fairfax Lane

Abdul Manraj


Removal of Austrian Pine Tree in common area

Jack Schwab