Herndon Woods Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


June 9, 2015


Members present: Abdul Manraj, John Farmer, and Tara Reddy

Members not present: Dave Nolan

Management Company Representative present: Jack Schwab


Call to Order


The meeting was held at the Herndon Fortnightly Library and called to order at 7:04pm.


Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting


The minutes from the March 3, 2015 meeting were unanimously approved.


Current Management Issues


The TSG Management Contract for FY-2015 was reviewed and signed by President Abdul Manraj.


Current Maintenance Issues


1.    A letter was drafted and sent to all homeowners related to overall home and yard maintenance, including trees, shrubs, weeds, removing grime from concrete and brick areas, patching visible cracks, etc.

2.    A letter was drafted and sent to those homeowners with a Bradford Pear or similar tree in front of their homes notifying them that there were complaints about the mess that these trees cause when shedding berries and encouraging the affected homeowners to trim and/or replace these trees at their discretion.

3.    Management researched different options for adding a bench in the common area.  Board members present selected a 6 foot composite bench that will be engraved with “Herndon Woods” on the bench; it will cost approximately $759.00. It was recommended that the bench be anchored with posts vs. setting in a concrete slab on the grass. Management Company Representative Jack Schwab will reach out to Board Member Dave Nolan to inquire as to the location of the bench in the common area before installation. The Board and Management were in agreement that the bench will need to be permanently secured where it is being installed.  

4.    President Abdul Manraj will reach out again to the Town Arborist to follow up on the fallen tree behind 501 Fairfax Lane.

5.    In keeping up with yard landscape standardization within the complex, the Board and Management agreed that 727 HWC will be asked to remove the red rubber mulch that is currently in the common area in front of her home and replace it with grass.

6.    727 HWC submitted a proposal to replace her roof. After discussion, Management will reach out to the owner to discuss the color that she proposed and to encourage her to choose a color that more closely matches that of the other roofs in the complex. The “Resawn Shake” color does not appear to match the color of the majority of the other roofs so she will be encouraged to consider the second row of colors submitted in her proposal for matching.

7.    505 HWC has requested trimming of a tree that is in the common area that is rubbing up against his home. Management will trim the tree in the near future.

8.    512 HWC removed a tree from the front yard in April 2015. Currently, there is a pile of dirt where the tree was removed. Management will reach out to the homeowner to inquire what type of landscaping will be done in this spot and if none is planned, then the owner will be asked to plant grass.


Financial Update


There are no current financial issues at the moment.


Next Meeting


The next meeting will be held during the month of September at the Herndon Fortnightly Library. Exact date and time TBD.




The meeting was adjourned at 7:44pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Tara Reddy




Action Item

Assigned To


Finalize position of the bench that will be located in common area.

Board Members


Order bench and install in the common area, location TBD before installation.

Management Company


Abdul Manraj to reach out to Town Arborist about fallen tree behind 501 Fairfax Lane.

Abdul Manraj


727 HWC – Notification to replant grass in common area in front of home.

Management Company


727 HWC – Notification to select a different roof color that more closely matches the previous one.

Management Company


505 HWC – Management Company to arrange to trim tree in common area near home.

Management Company


512 HWC – Management to inquire what landscaping is planned for where tree was removed and if none, will encourage homeowner to plant seed in its place.

Management Company