Winterizing Your Spigots

When the temperature dips below freezing, water in exposed pipes can freeze and cause the pipes to burst. It has happened before in Herndon Woods; so donít let the same thing happen to you. Winterize your outdoor water spigots for the winter. Here are some relatively simple instructions that you must follow in order to winterize the outdoor water spigots properly:

1) First turn off the inside water valves to both the front and rear outdoor water spigots.

2)Go outside and fully open both water spigots, and slide the black rubber collars upward to expose the vent holes just above the pipe threads.

3) Go back inside and unscrew the small brass bleeder caps located next to the inside shutoff valves. You should hear an audible water bubbling sound as the water drains outside.

4) Once the water has completely drained, re-tighten the bleeder caps.

5) When spring finally arrives, simply go outside and close the valves on the outside water spigots. To ensure a good seal, rub a small amount of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on the black rubber O-rings and then push down the black rubber collars which will seal the vent holes.

6) Finally go back inside, make sure the bleeder caps are securely tightened, and open the water shutoff valves. Check for any water leaks.


That is all there is to it Ė a simple five-minute effort can save you thousands of dollars in water damage from burst water pipes.