TO: Herndon Woods Homeowners


RE: Architectural Guidelines And Procedures


In order for the Herndon Woods Architectural Control Committee (HWACC) to properly address any and all issues for which it is responsible, it is necessary for all such issues to be brought to the attention of the Committee by way of written and signed correspondence from a homeowner.


In the case of changes/additions to property, a signed application must be submitted to the Management Company with the appropriate information and attachments.


If a perceived violation of the Architectural Guidelines exists, the HWACC must be notified in writing before it will address the issue. Formal procedures are necessary in order to properly assess and resolve issues that may arise.


Thank you.





Click here for a Microsoft Word copy of the Architectural Control Committee Application Form. To download a copy to your computer for printing, right mouse click on the link and select "Save Target As..." Click here if you prefer a PDF version of the form.


Click here to see a listing of all exterior paint colors. These are the original paint colors which are no longer available at Duron Paints. Homeowners are encouraged to match their existing colors as closely as possible with the newly available paint colors.


For a listing of the color scheme for all townhomes, click here.