Single Stream Recycling


In an effort to assist and encourage our residents to participate in the Town's mandatory recycling program, the Department of Public Works provides "Single Stream" Recycling at curbside pick-up. ALL recyclable items can be co-mingled in one or more containers. You may continue to use the Town’s blue recycling bins, or use your own containers. Containers should be clean and labeled "Recycle". Trash cans with a maximum size of 65 gallons can be used, available from any local  hardware store at a nominal price.


On windy days your recycled items get strewn about the neighborhood. Instead of the uncovered town-provided recycling bins, the Board urges you to use a large trash can with a secure lid to prevent recycled items from getting wind-blown around the area, which results in expenditures to clean up the neighborhood. Be a responsible neighbor and help us keep costs down, or these cleanups will ultimately result in higher Homeowners Fees.

Acceptable Items


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